Lamb Goat Seafood Appetizers

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Lamb Goat Seafood Appetizers

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  • Chilli Pan Fried Prawns

    Prawns pan-fried in chilli and finished with authentic sauces and herbs.

  • Fish Amritsari

    Chef's secret recipe of chickpea battered ling fish fillet and then deep fried.

  • Malai Fish Tikka (4 Pcs)

    Tender fish marinated in rich creamy cashew paste, cooked to perfection to give velvety soft texture that just melts in mouth with every bite.

  • Seekh Kebab (4 Pcs)

    Minced lamb infused with special selection of herbs and spices, skewered and cooked in tandoor.

  • Tawa Goat /Tawa Lamb

    Succulent goat with bone or lamb cooked with bell peppers, onion, most exotic spices, crushed garlic and served on a hot sizzler plate.